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About Angie Ray Photography

Hi there and welcome to my blog! Feel free to browse around and check out my latest sessions and dont forget to come join me on facebook, too! Looking forward to meeting you! ~Angie

What to expect

So how does a typical session with me work you might ask. Well, here goes:

You book your session with me and we’ll determine if you have a specific location in mind, like a favorite park or even your home, or if you want to leave the choice of location up to me. I’m completely open to anything so please, please don’t hesitate to communicate! Communication is key, after all..

On the day of your session different things need to be prioritized depending on who the primary model will be and their age, of course. Please know that I do not have a time limit on my sessions – if it takes us just 45 minutes to get a good amount of shots, that’s perfectly fine with me but it is absolutely OK if it takes us two hours as well. Especially kids tend to be not very cooperative (which is OK and to be expected), so be prepared that you won’t be “in and out” within half an hour; kids just don’t work that way and I’m glad they don’t.

Maternity sessions are naturally much more efficient but, depending on how the mom-to-be feels may require frequent breaks, which I 100% support and understand.

Family sessions can go either way but will take a little more time due to the nature of things, depending on how many people I’m working with – be prepared for the session to last anywhere from one to three hours.

Newborns (babies up to four weeks old) require a whole different approach as they will be entirely in charge of how the session goes. All I can tell you is not to worry or stress yourself out – we’ll get beautiful shots no matter how cranky your little one seems when we first meet. Bring as many props, outfits and accessories as you like (or have them ready in case you’re inviting me to your house instead) and together we’ll carefully determine what will work best. And most importantly, bring time and patience. I promise I will, too. ;)

Approximately two days after your session I will post a “sneak peak” on my facebook page as well as my blog which you can access through my website and to which I will email you links as well.
A “sneak peak” usually contains three to five images.

It’ll then take me about one to two weeks to finish up all the post-editing on your session’s images, which I will then put up in a password-protected online gallery which stays available to you and your loved ones for a limited time. Once you’re ready to place your order we can either get together for it or you can simply use the shopping cart option on the website. Either way I will always be available to help and make suggestions in case you are unsure about print sizes or other product questions you may have.

Previously, prints would be delivered directly to my clients, however, I recently decided to try a different approach, as I’ve had a couple of not so great experiences. The prints will now be delivered to me first so I can double check them and make sure they’re exactly the way they should be. We can then decide whether we want to get together for the delivery or if you want me to just go ahead and mail them to you (canvas products as well as gallery wraps will definitely be delivered in person).

At this point, I’ll be hoping my work has fulfilled all your expectations and you and I have formed more than just a short lived business relationship; I’ll be hoping to have made you happy. :)